Respiratory Remedies

Like many in Hong Kong, I caught a nasty flu and had a respiratory infection in November. It was bad, like when I caught Covid back in 2022. It started with a really sore throat one morning which quickly turned into a cough and full on fever with body aches and fatigue.
I spent two days moving from bed to couch, sleeping and drinking fluids.

During this time I loaded up on certain liquid supplements to quell the temperature.

My liquid life savers were :
Seve Imperiale : blend of honey, propolis, bee pollen, sea buckthorn, royal jelly and eucalyptus all of which have antiseptic and antiviral properties.
Sambu Guard : an echinacea and elderberry drink to help my immune system fight 
and because I was hardly eating I also took…
Marine Plasma Hypertonique : a supercharged sea water that provides all of the minerals and trace elements necessary for all body system.
Liposomal Vitamin C : to get the extra needed to fight

To be honest I was too tired to take any capsule supplements and just drank lots of liquids and slept.

By day 2 the fever seemed to break but I was coughing a lot and so I continued with the regiment, found my appetite and energy and so included supplements to target my respiratory tract namely :
Propolis spray
Respir Essence that has Thyme and other herbs to help remove the phlegm
Manuka Honey

One night I had a difficult time sleeping and started researching online for natural remedies for coughs. I stumbled upon research about how flavonoids in tea can greatly benefit and calm chronic coughs. One of the mighty flavonoids they mentioned was quercetin so I started drinking more teas plus increasing quercetin.

Often times, it’s never just one thing that will help our body recover. Afterall, we are complex beings and need multiple things to target the various ailments of a cold and flu be it a cough, fever or extreme fatigue. It’s helpful to have some of these in your ‘natural pharmacy’ at home for those times of need.

Be well & stay well.