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Respiratory Remedies

Respiratory Remedies

Like many in Hong Kong, I caught a nasty flu and had a respiratory infection in November. It was bad, like when I caught Covid back in 2022. It sta...

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Your Local Health Food Store

We are a leading health food store in Hong Kong, offering an extensive range of high-quality organic groceries, snacks, superfoods, supplements, and lifestyle products since 2009. At Food for Life, we’re committed to helping our customers achieve holistic health by helping them make positive and well-informed lifestyle choices. Whether you’re searching for organic, keto-friendly, vegetarian, or vegan food options – or simply looking for healthier alternatives of your favourite items, our stores carry a wide selection of quality, trusted brands that can fulfill your health needs.

Wellness Begins with YOU & Food for Life

While we’re thrilled to see the rise of organic products and health food shops in Hong Kong, we understand the difficulties of searching for trustworthy brands and high-quality products. That’s why every product in Food for Life goes through a careful screening process so you can shop with confidence in our health food store. We are always on the lookout for brands that go above and beyond, placing the health of the person and the planet above marketing or convenience - though we appreciate both. Though we have handpicked our favourite brands, our aim to be transparent with product information and work to provide science-backed research on them so you can make informed decisions according to your individual needs and health goals. Every person is different, and every person is on a different part of their journey to wellness.

We’re Passionate about Holistic Nutrition

Emphasizing nourishing foods over restrictive diets is one of our core beliefs at Food for Life. Our founder’s victorious battle with stage 4 cancer through whole foods and holistic nutrition is testimony to the immense benefits a changed lifestyle can bring. It is with gratitude towards life that we can inspire and provide tools to help you make healthy choices that will translate into whole body healing and wellness. A healthy diet and lifestyle does not only protect you against many chronic illnesses like heart diseases and diabetes, but can also enhance your mood, boost productivity, allowing you to go longer and be stronger. Our online and retail health food stores in Hong Kong offer the finest selection of organic groceries, superfoods, snacks, and beverages for every step of your delicious journey.

We try to always stay on top of the latest health products, from organic cereals and turmeric powder to propolis lozenges and homeopathic flower essences. Combat seasonal allergies, boost your immunity, and improve your digestion with our selection of supplements, including probiotics and herbal extracts.

Not Just Food, but a Lifestyle

What you put on your body is just as important as what you allow in. Apart from the comprehensive selection of health food in our Hong Kong shops, we carry a curated range of organic beauty and lifestyle products for you and your family. From skincare, body care, hair care to essential kids & baby products, our range of everyday products offer a more natural alternative to your daily staples. You are not only what you eat, but also what you absorb. 

Discover More from Your Favourite Health Food Store

At Food for Life, we strive to empower you to live healthy and to enjoy life to the fullest. Browse our full range of organic products in our online health shop or any of our retail stores in Hong Kong. If you have any enquiries on new or existing products, please feel free to contact us today!