Simple Tips to Beat the Bloat this Summer

Have you been eating a clean diet, exercising, managing stress levels but still have that bulge in your stomach? The bulge can be from extra fat that you just need to continue persevering through your workouts and clean eating to shed the weight. 

However the bulge is also likely due to bloating and constipation.Beat the Bloat

Unfortunately, summer is when we will feel the most bloated because it is also when our digestive system slows down. Digestion requires energy and to keep our bodies cool during the summer our digestive system also weakens. But it doesn’t mean you have to live with constant bloating. Here are some simple tips to help you rev up your metabolism and keep the bloat at bay this summer.

Control your salt and water intake

Eat Less Salt

This is the most common advice of all but it’s worth mentioning because it is so important. Stay clear from packaged foods and choose water rich foods like cucumbers and fruit. Take a bottle of water out with you with a squeeze of lemon so you can hydrate throughout the day while the lemon can aid with digestion.

Slow and Light Meals

Light Meal

Eat lighter foods like salads and soups that are easier to digest. It’s okay to eat heavier meals during the summer but choose to eat them at midday. Avocados, salads, soups and fruits can be eaten in larger portions but remember to chew! Digestion begins in your mouth. 

Deal with Constipation


Majority of us are constipated, though not by medical standards which defines constipation as having 3 or less bowel movements a week. However, logically, if you are eating three meals a day you should be releasing three times a day.

Check list:

  • Are you eating enough fibre (25-38g/day)?
  • Drinking enough fluids (you should be drinking (oz) 1/2 your body weight (pounds)?
  • Exercising?
  • Still feeling stuck?

It could be a bacteria imbalance in your gut and supplementing with a quality probiotic may assist in getting things moving.

Anti-Bloating foods and Drinks

Pineapples, asparagus, cucumber, bananas, papayas, ginger, peppermint and parsley are just some of the foods that can help you beat the bloat. Try out the recipe below that includes some of these foods.

Extended Reading

Avocado Cucumber Soup Recipe

Written By Denise Tam, Holistic Nutritionist 

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