First Consultation 

Confused about what nutrients your body needs? Having difficulty when choosing the best supplements for you? Do you need guidance on specific health goals or challenges  

Book a FREE 15-minute online consultation with our Certified Holistic Nutritionist - Denise Tam

Consultation will assess your current needs and offer on diet, supplementation and lifestyle changes.

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Need more time with us? 

Full Virtual Consultation

First Appointment (80 mins)┃$998 

Paid nutrition consultation includes more than simple patient's situational analysis, and brief health suggestions. First consultation will include patient lifestyle questionnaire, reading of blood report (if available), and a personalized action-plan based on health goals and challenges.


Follow-up consultation (60 mins)$798

Intended as a follow-up on your action plan and to offer adjustments on the plan where there are difficulties following. Our philosophy is to continue growing - getting stronger and optimizing our health to live a fuller life.

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