All Natural 48 hour Flu Remedy

by Denise Tam, Holistic Nutritionist 


For those who are sick, this one’s for you. Thankfully I’m better at the time of writing this to give you my tips on how to beat this nasty bug that’s spreading across Hong Kong !

First! Is always prevention! Take extra precautions to protect and boost your immune system. #seatbeltssavelives

😷If you’re in crowded places - who isn’t in Hong Kong? Wear a mask even if you’re not sick because you never know who ISN’T wearing a mask.

🤚🏻Wash your hands and be more intentional and frequent about it. This a given but worth mentioning.

💊take some supplements or increase your dose to keep your immune system strong : vitamin C, probiotics, vitamin d, zinc, echinacea are all safe and proven ways to strengthen your immune system.

😴SLEEP! Getting sufficient and good sleep is important in making sure your body can handle the things that come at it during the day. This is the time your body recovers and restores itself. Not giving yourself this important time at night to rest and recuperate will dampen your immune system.

What if you’re already sick like I am? Don’t fret, but #getonit because the key to recovery is catching it early! I started getting the symptoms of bronchitis on Thursday, developed a low grade fever on Friday, battled it Friday evening and Saturday and today, just over less than 24 hours fever broke, cough is better and I’m less fatigued. I still have a ways to go but I know that I’ve kicked this bugger in the ass for good and it’s defeated. #hurray


What did I do?


I immediately went into a fasting mode and didn’t consume anything but bone broths, some clear soups, and tons of tea and my magic cocktail #Recipe below. When your body doesn’t need to spend energy on digesting it can spend it on healing and I need all the energy I could give to healing!


I slept or tried to (was hard with fever and cough) sleep as much as I could. On Friday I got home by 7:30pm, made my cocktail, took a hot shower and was in bed.

If you’re dealing with mucus like I am, it’s good to have a pillow to prop yourself up so you can breathe easier. I also took 9mg melatonin just to aid my sleep and to help me get more restorative sleep.


Drink as many clear fluids as you can:

  • bone broths are amazing (which is why I keep these stocked in my pantry because I can cook with it of it can also be my SOS in times like these)
  • herbal teas : I was taking echinacea teas
  • And lastly I was taking my special cocktail 3 times a day (recipe below)


If you have some energy go out for a walk and breathe in new air and get some sunshine (this will also help you sleep better at night) Even 5-10 minutes will be beneficial. If you have no energy for this, open the windows to let some new air come in and look out the window.


I believe words have power, and our own words over our own body have extreme power. I don’t use this method enough, but I was feeling pretty bad, and needed to pull out all of the ‘stops’ I could. What does this mean though? Just speak words of life, living, health and wellbeing over your body, your cells, your mind, your spirit. For me, as a believer in Jesus, I tapped into an even greater power and I spoke that by and through the name of Jesus.


Lastly and an important one! If you want to heal faster you have to go higher on your supplementation doses. I have to put out a disclaimer that I am not a doctor and i am only sharing my experience based on my knowledge. So if you’re unsure about any of the below(or above) speak to your healthcare provider AND do some research (bc it’s likely your typical healthcare provider won’t know 😝#justsaying)

Below is my 24 hour bug/virus kicking plan (plus the drinks above) that targets:

  1. Immune system
  2. Antiviral and antibacterial (bc I didn’t go to the hospital to figure out which it was)
  3. Decongestant and expectorant

Vitamin C : 3000mg for first 2-3 days or until your better. This ones very safe at high doses.

Vitamin D3 : 50,000 iu first day, 20,000 iu second day, 10,000 IU thereafter until recovered. Cycle off for some time.

Zinc 30mg : 2capsules (60mg) first and second day, 1 capsule (30mg) after until recovered

Probiotics : 4-5 capsules daily until recovered. Go back to normal doses after.

Oregano oil : 3-4 drops daily until recovered. Away from probiotics and other supplements.

Melatonin : 3-9mg if needed to help sleep




500ml filtered water (warm or hot)
1x whole lemons, skin removed, try to keep the white bits on as much as possible
2 tbsp Alpenkraft syrup (includes a lot of expectorant herbs along with honey that is anti-microbial and antiviral)
2-3 tbsp Apple cider vinegar (helps thin mucus)
4 drops concentrated ginger (by @lemonpharma) everyone should keep this in their home!
15 drops grapefruit seed extract (immune system)
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper (helps thin mucus)


1. Pour everything into a blender and blend until the lemon is nicely pulverised.

2. Drink immediately.


This is what worked for me! Less than 24 hours later, fever has broke and I’m feeling much better and stronger - just in time for the work week (😛!). Still working on the cough but the mucus has definitely thinned out but I will continue this protocol until I’m all better.

Of course, if you’re feeling very ill please do go see a doctor! But I always believe doing some of these things at home on top of medication will help rather than harm.

And FYI if you are on antibiotics please remember to recolonise your gut flora with probiotics after! #veryimportant

Be well.



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