Soup for the Soul (Turmeric & Lime)

Recipe- Soup for the Soul (turmeric & lime) Finished

This was a soup base I created whilst sick. Any meal I create, I ask myself what is the intention of this meal? To nourish? To detox? To refuel? To recover? To heal? 

In this case, I was having congestion in my head, runny nose and cough, typical cold like symptoms and thankfully I always have healthy ingredients stocked in my pantry and came up with this nourishing soup, which I named ‘soup for the (sick) soul’. 

The flavours are incredible in this simple soup and it was easy enough for my sick self to make so for those who are too lazy to make anything - no excuses!

And even if you’re not sick, this is a good soup to make to boost your immune system during this flu and coronavirus season. 

Ingredients for the soup base: 


  1. Add soup base ingredients together and boil on medium for 10-15 minutes. It’s good to cook the turmeric to release its active properties.
  2. Add vegetables of choice to the soup base and cook on low heat until gently cooked. 

In this recipe I used : 

  • King Oyster mushrooms 
  • Snap peas 
  • Chickpea fusilli pasta (just a half handful)

Before Boiling:

Before Boiling Recipe- Soup for the Soul (turmeric & lime)

After Boiling:

Recipe- Soup for the Soul (turmeric & lime) After Boiling

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Written by: Denise Tam, Holistic Nutritionist

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