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Lemon Pharma Melatonin+ Capsule 30's

SKU: LP800210



  • Reduces the time it takes to fall asleep
  • Alleviation of the subjective jet lag perception
  • For normal, relaxed muscle function

Lemon Pharma MELATONIN+ is a 3-component formula for restful sleep. The sleep hormone melatonin that helps shortening the time it takes to fall asleep, has been expertly combined with the mineral supplement magnesium, which supports the nervous system, normal mental function and muscle function. The formula is made unique by the addition of passion flower herb, which has proven especially useful in counteracting nervous restlessness.


Magnesium oxide, passionflower herb extract 10:1 (passiflora incarnata, contains 2% flavones), coating agent: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (vegetable capsule shell), 0.16% melatonin.


1 capsule a day, to be taken in the evening with sufficient water. Allow for 6 hours of sleep at least. Please consult with your doctor before taking Melatonin if you have long-term sleeping problems, are taking medication, suffer from chronic medical conditions or take other sleeping medication, if you are pregnant, want to become pregnant or are breastfeeding. Do not drive or operate machinery while taking melatonin. Do not consume alcohol while taking this product. Avoid taking the product if you are sensitive to any of the ingredients.


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