Flora Pro*Essence 120's



  • Contains 5 synergistic herbs including prickly ash bark, juniper berry, burdock root, slippery elm bark and Uva ursi (bearberry)
  • Helps support the health of the urinary system
  • Prickly ash bark has a stimulating and rejuvenating effect on the body
  • Juniper berry can promote metabolism
  • Burdock root has been prized throughout the world for centuries for its powerful  detoxification
  • Slippery elm bark has a soothing nature and assists in dissolving and eliminating excess mucus
  • Uva ursi (bearberry) has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and is more resistant to viruses.
  • Packaged in environmentally-friendly amber glass bottles
  • The formula was prepared by Rene Caisse and Dr. Charles Brusch, m.d.


1 capsule contains:
Proprietary Blend 291.6mg

  • Prickly ash bark
  • Juniper berry
  • Burdock root (certified organic)
  • Slippery elm bark
  • Uva-ursi leaves

Other Ingredients: 

  • vegetarian capsule made of water and hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (USP).



  • Take one capsule in the early morning and one capsule in the late evening with a large glass of warm water. If needed, take another capsule in the mid-morning and mid-afternoon, for a maximum of four capsules per day.
  • When taking ProEssence, drink lots of filtered water (4-6 glasses) throughout the day. This helps activate the herbs and also flush the toxins out.
  • ProEssence is also used in conjunction with FlorEssence, as it helps to discharge the toxins being gathered and broken down by FlorEssence.
  • If taking both products, take them one hour apart. If already taking FlorEssence twice a day, only one or two capsules per day of ProEssence are needed.


  • Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you have diabetes.
  • Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, if you have a kidney disorder or if you are allergic to plants of the Asteraceae/Compositae (Daisy) families.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.


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