Thés de la Pagode

Thes de la Pagode 薑黃綠茶包 18包



Zou Cha tea or “tea for joints” in Chinese, is a Sencha green tea with turmeric and meadowsweet. This combination, by using the TeaPlus® process, has been devised as a way to soothe sore joints.

Grown in the Zhejiang province of China, this sencha green tea produces a golden liquid with sweet, floral notes.  It is made differently to other teas: after they are picked, the leaves are immersed in a steam bath for 15 – 45 seconds to stop the oxidation process. They are then rolled and dried.

Our originally devised enriching process Expertise TeaPlus® is a unique process which allows the active properties of the plant extracts to be concentrated and fixed directly to the tea leaves. These properties are then released during infusion to produce a highly effective beverage. Zou Cha gives you the benefit of 10 to 20 times greater concentration of active properties than is found in a classic infusion.

Zou Cha tea comes in Pagode sachets. Their transparent, pyramid shape allows the tea leaves to move around fully during infusion.


Chinese Sencha green organic tea (94.8%), organic turmeric (4.3%), organic queen-of-the-meadow (0.8%), Natural seaweed extract: sodium algintae (0.1%).