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Your Outsourced Kitchen Cookbook



Lets face it, cooking nourishing food is time consuming due to the amount of chopping involved in the preparation process. However, if you are lucky enough to live somewhere where domestic help is accessible and affordable, you may be able to delegate the more laborious parts of the prep. But, outsourcing your kitchen tasks to someone else is not always the easiest thing to do.

Your Outsourced Kitchen includes a collection of over 80 healthy and delicious recipes that are are simply explained and translated in Tagalog, full of flavour and good for you too! 

The recipes appear in English and Tagalog for easy use by both you and your helper and also contains a menu planner.

Several recipes have been contributed by some of Hong Kong's leading chefs and nutrition experts including The Sesame Kitchen, Grass Roots Pantry, Bombay Dreams, Jinjuu, Genie Juicery, Love True Food, The Flexible Chef, Elle Kealy and more!

Outsourcing Your Healthy Kitchen has never been this healthy, delicious, and good for you.


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