Thés de la Pagode

Thes de la Pagode Black Tea w/ Caramel 100g




  • Our tea plants grow under palm trees in forests
  • Forests in altitude of between 1200 and 1800 metres.
  • These traditional production methods result in a harvest that produces 3 times less compared with conventional farming but of course the quality and health benefits are far superior.

* We pick only the buds of the tea tree and the first two leaves that grow out

* The bud and the first two leaves contain 73% of the antioxidants of the plant

There are a lot of teas on the market that have a lot of chemical pesticides that affect our health. Thés de la Pagode solves this problem. By picking organically grown tea, consumers can be sure that there are no pesticide residues in their whole cup of tea.

Thés de la Pagode use imperial or fine picking methods: the young shoots or “pekoe” are picked in springtime from small gardens high in the mountains. 

Black Tea w/ Caramel

This subtle Assam black tea is flavoured with irresistible Caramel notes to bring you a delicious blend. The creamy caramel notes are similar to English toffee and blend perfectly with Assam black tea. Its Caramel flavour is a firm favourite with tea lovers who adore its delicious notes. Treat yourself - an ideal breakfast or tea-time accompaniment! 


Assam Organic Black Tea, natural flavour of cream, natural flavour of caramel, natural flavour of coffee.


  • 2g of tea in 200ml of water
  • 90°C
  • 4minutes


Tea vs Coffee : Which cup should you be drinking?


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