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Super Diet Fat Burner 20x15ml

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Fat Burner Quartet uses 4 distinct ingredients that have specific fat burning mechanisms. Together they work in synergy to give you the optimum fat burning effects with natural ingredients that are safe yet effective. 


Double action

  • Satiety effect

Oats beta glucans : can absorb up to 25x its volume in liquid making you feel full fast and block the aborption of calories from intestine

  • Decrease of dietary fats assimilation by the body and increase of fat burning 
  • Caffein, catechin, Green tea enzymes (fat burning efficacy) Guarana (contains 4-8% caffeiene which burns fat) Papaya (decomposes fat, helps break down proteins and eliminate excess flesh) 

Transformation of large molecules into small molecules = fats and easy elimination of fat


Aqueous extract : Green tea* (leaf) (Camelia sinensis) (225 mg**) and Papaya* (leaves) (75mg**) - Concentrated Apple juice*(fruit) - Oat bran extract (Avana sativa)(900mg*) (carrier : maltodextrin)- * (Carica papaya) – Guarana dry extract (350mg**) (seed – carrier : maltodextrin) (Paullinia cupana) (350mg*) * Ingredient proceeding from Organic Farming ** Dry plant equivalent per 1 ampoule 


  • 1 ampoule per day, pure or diluted in half a glass of water.
  • Shake well before use.
  • A deposit may normally form at the bottom of the ampoule.

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