Super Diet

Super Diet Drainaflore Bio 20x15ml



  • Promotes detoxification using 15 organic plants working in synergy to enhance detoxification organ functions  
  • Promotes intestinal activity with the inclusion of prune juice
  • Heals and strengthens gut lining with aloe vera juice 
  • Supports urinary flow with birch juice
  • Liver protection against toxins
  • Purifies → Detoxicates → Regenerates


Ingredients: Concentrated prune juice*(3233 mg**),Grape*juice(1967 mg**),Elderberry*juice(500 mg**),

Black radish*juice(467 mg**), Aloe Vera*pure juice(227 mg**) Water extract of couch-grass*(84 mg**),

Rosemary*(leaf)(84mg**), Chicory*(root)(84mg**), Wild pansy**(flower)(84mg**), Mullein*(flower)(84 mg**),

Thyme*(leaf)(84 mg**), Birch*(84 mg**), Burdock*(root)(67 mg**), Ash tree*(leaf)(67 mg**), Meadowsweet*(flowering top)(67 mg**)

*Ingredient proceeding  from Organic Farming

**Dry plant equivalent per 1 phial 15ml


  • 1 phial per day for 20-30 days with ample water.
  • Ideal before a new season and/or before a slimming program
  • not recommended for pregnant, breast-feeding women and children.
  • Meadowsweet contains salicylates.
  • It is advisable to follow recommended doses, and have a diverse and balanced diet as well as healthy lifestyle.

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