Nordic Naturals Limited

PureBites Ocean Medley Cat Treats 22g



  • 100% pure wild-caught sockeye salmon, yellowfin tuna, & shrimp; a great high-value treat or topper for your cat
  • High in protein, low in calories (only 2 calories per average treat) and nothing added like colors, fillers, or sweeteners
  • Made fresh & pure, using a delicate freeze drying process that helps preserve fresh RAW whole food; with 0.2lb of RAW salmon, tuna, & shrimp and 70 treats per 0.77oz bag
  • Salmon and tuna are rich in nutrients to support skin & coat health
  • PureBites are ideal for cats with diabetes, allergies, other health issues, or cats that are on a restricted diet
  • Packaged in recyclable bags that we can recycle today for a better tomorrow
  • Proudly sourced and freeze dried RAW in the USA


  • American Sourced Wild-Caught Human Grade Salmon, Tuna, & Shrimp

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