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Organic Traditions Raw Ice-Pressed Olive Oil 200ml [Keto-friendly]

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  • Certified Organic, Truly Raw, Kosher, Extra-Virgin, Artisanal, Early-Harvested, Un-Filtered, Keto-friendly
  • Hand-picked and harvested within 12 hours of harvest time 
  • Ice Pressed means up to 20-30 times colder than cold pressed olive oils 
  • Certified Organic Koroneiki Olives 
  • High concentration of polyphenols

Organic Traditions Ice Pressed™ Raw Olive Oil is truly an innovation in olive oil production. The olives have been ice-pressed using ice. This unique process is 20-30 times colder than “cold-pressed” olive oils. The result is a dramatically different olive oil, both from a taste and nutritional standpoint. By keeping the olives in their raw, original state by using this unique ice-pressed™ method, the perfect acidity is achieved and beneficial antioxidants remain intact.

The Perfect Acidity 

The perfect acidity plays a huge role in determining the perfect olive oil. Acidity in terms of olive oil is a term that goes hand in hand with the type processing involved. It does not refer to the chemical acidity or pH, but rather to the percentage of free fatty acids, which reflects the true quality of an olive oil as the triglyceride bonds get broken apart. Organic Traditions Ice Pressed™, Raw Olive Oil has a perfect acidity. Many factors are involved in determining the overall acidity of an oil, such as the originating raw olives, the harvest time and the pressing method.

Country of Origin: Greece


Certified Organic Ice Pressed™ Raw Olive Oil (Olea europaea)


  • Olive oil has a low smoke point and so it is best not to apply high heat to the oil so as not to degrade the delicate fats.
  • Use Organic Traditions Ice Pressed™ Raw Olive Oil on salads, raw or steamed vegetables, side dishes, in dips and on any other finished recipe.



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