Lariese Argan oil Moroccan 45ml



  • Skin repair and reduces the early sign of wrinkles, deep penetration, and prevents cells from losing moisture.
  • Enhance collagen and elastin production in the body.
  • Contains squalene; natural moisturizing nourishment that keeps skin soft.
  • Anti-UV.
  • Nut oil is a good cosmetic product for combating and preventing stretch marks.
  • It is called liquid silk, which makes the head shine and strengthens the health of nail. 
  • Due to its highly diffused nature, it easily penetrates the hair shaft and hair follicles and hydrates the hair from the inside without the use of harmful organic enamel and hair care products.
  • Reduce drying time and resist damage caused by hair dyeing.
  • Suitable for any hair; dry, fragile and curly hair is especially suitable.
  • Apply to wet hair every day to make dry hair smooth. Repair hair damage caused by dyeing and environmental factors. Reduce hair damage to the hairdryer. For shaving, only two drops of argan oil to lubricate the razor, reducing skin sensitivity

Moroccan Argan oil is a pure, certified organic, cold pressed oil rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids. 
Renowned for its nourishing, it is beneficial in preventing the early sign of fine lines as well as soothing problems caused by dry skin, stretch marks, scars, blemishes, psoriasis, eczema, dry brittle nails and hair repair. 
Organic Moroccan Argan oil reduces blow-drying time by around 25%, and a few drops are also beneficial during brushing, straightening and curling hair. It is also excellent for repairing damaged cuticles and brittle nails.

It contains no additives, chemical ingredients, artificial colouring, perfumes, preservatives or irritants. It is USDA and Australian certified organic.

A true skin superfood that offers incredible hydration and anti-ageing benefits.


100% Pure Organic Moroccan Argan oil


For the FACE & BODY:
For all skin types - Massage a few drops in a circular motion till completely absorbed. Use during the day or the night. Suitable for use under the sun.

For the HAIR:
Spread a few drops from the roots to the ends and wrap with a hot towel. Leave for 30 - 60 minutes before shampooing. Condition and style as normal. A few drops applied on the hair reduces blow-drying time and hair damage. Apply a few drops to enhance lustre and sheen. 

For the NAILS:
A few drops of Argan Oil, softens and repairs damaged cuticles and strengthens dry nails.


Product effects vary from person to person.


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