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Hey Chips Premium Broccoli Chips 20g



  • No sugar added
  • No preservatives
  • Gluten free
  • Vegan
  • No cholesterol

Hey! Broccoli Chips, our all-time best-seller, is one crazy yummy snack that can never go wrong! Crunchy and satisfying, these cute little trees come with a light savoury and vegetal note. Some say these remind them of asian seaweed snacks! 

“We were immediately impressed by their vibrant green appearance. Crisp and crunchy with an honest broccoli flavour. Commendable for their crispness and bright colour, the broccoli chips are well-maintained and genuine.” By Judges of the UK Great Taste Awards 

With a soft crumbly crispy texture, Hey! Broccoli Chips are lightly-salted with no sugar or preservatives added. It is suitable for a wide range of diets (halal-certified, gluten-free and vegan-friendly). 

Unlike conventional vegetable chips, Hey! Chips undergoes low-temp dehydration so that the natural tastes, colours and nutrients are retained while giving the addictive crunch!!

We hand make our broccoli chips in small batches as fresh as we can, so you could have these happy little treats conveniently. These broccoli chips are most effective in converting all the non-veggie eaters (kids and adults alike) into lovers instantly, sure to be the best broccoli of your life! 

Are you facing difficulties getting your kids to finish their greens? Hey! Broccoli Chips are here to save the day! Put one into their bags and watch them gobble them up!

Hey! Chips is the world’s first Great Taste Award-winning fruit and vegetable chips brand.


  • Broccoli Chips (97%), Rice Bran Oil (2%), Salt (1%)

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