Copper Line

CL Anti-Bacterial Mask Khaki



Test Results: Copper Line Mask inactivates COVID-19 Delta Variant over 80% within 10 minutes and over 98% in 30 minutes and almost the same results for both original and 100 washed samples.

Copper Line Mask is the first and only face mask with the proven ability to render the COVID-19 virus inactivate and terminate the replication of its RNA, according to the tests  conducted by the BSL3 laboratory from July 7th to Aug 19th, 2020 at Jeonbuk National University, South Korea, the largest microbiology research institute in Asia. This accredited laboratory tested the neutralization capacity and reusability of masks infused with copper against regular masks without copper when exposed to the COVID-19 virus (SARS-CoV2).

And according to the latest tests on July to August 2021, even after 100 times washes, Copperline Masks can deactivate COVID-19 and its the strongest variant, Delta Variant over 80% in 10 mins. and almost completely within 30 mins..  In addition, our mask can kill all kinds of enveloped viruses, which includes all respiratory viruses including flu.

The mask fabric is Triple knitted (3 layers)** and it performs a high filtration efficiency. Dust filtration efficiency*** meet 92.6% and VFE upto 79.9%. Ergonomic mask design offers a snug fit to your face and comfortable breathing.

We have provided an extra Copper Line filter (3 layers)* for a serious air pollution, hospitals and specially a crowded, closed area in a recent COVID19 outbreak situation. If you put this optional filter inside the mask, filtration efficiency will be enhanced to VFE 99.9% and PFE 99.6%.

Note: filter is disposable and we don’t recommend in a normal condition as it’s not comfortable to breathe. Because the filter blocks the anti-bacterial copper fabric and can’t kill the bacteria, we don’t recommend wearing the optional filter for more than 3-4 hours at any given time.

  • ** Triple knitted fabric has got 3 layers and Copper Line filter has got also 3 layers.
  • *** Dust filtration test method: Ashrae standard 52.1 — 0-10 microns particle sizes
  • **** VFE: Virus Filtration Efficiency — 0.1-5 microns particle sizes
  • ***** PFE: Particle Filtration Efficiency — 0.1 microns particle size

COPPER, polyester, nylon, spandex

Gently hand washing with lukewarm water at or below 30°c.
Mild or neutral detergent is recommended. Gently press excess water out and hang to dry.
Avoid twisting which may damage the structure of copper yarn.

The mask itself was tested to kill bacteria and even deactivate COVID-19.
Therefore, it is suggested to wash the mask twice a week, unless it is significantly dirty.



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