Cattier Dry Skin Nourishing Day Cream



Combined with organic jojoba oil, with its rebalancing and protective properties, organic sunflower extract, has an anti-oxidant action, nourishes and softens the epidermis. Phospholipids, moisturising and regenerating active ingredients in perfect affinity with the skin, reinforce the skin barrier and answer all day long to the hydration skin’s needs. Organic rose water, a gem of a beauty product, tones, refreshes and soothes the skin.


Phospholipids (sunflower origin): high affinity with the skin, moisturises, film-forming properties 
Vegetable squalane: structure similar to hydrolipidic film components, protects from external aggressions and dehydration, provides suppleness and softness
Hydracire S® (jojoba, mimosa and sunflower waxes): Patent technology, provides comfort and moisturising to the epidermis and unifies the complexion
Organic rose extract: soothes, moisturises, refreshes, astringent, tonifies and firm the skin
Organic jojoba oil: regenerating, protective, balancing 
Organic coconut butter: moisturising and antiseptic
Calendula extract: soothing, anti-inflammatory 


  • Press slowly the pump to deliver the optimum dose of cream.
  • After having carefully cleansed and dried the skin, apply all over the face, the neck and the décolleté until completely absorbed for a supple, soft and perfectly hydrated skin.

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