Cattier Baby Nappy Protective Cream



  • Certified Organic skincare product
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 0% preservative
  • Rich in nourishing and repairing vegetable oils 

Its formula creates a protective and soothing barrier that isolates the skin from the wetness and friction of nappies. Rich in nourishing and repairing vegetable oils (ximenia, organic olive…) and in organic apricot butter, it soothes irritations, eases discomfort and promotes clearing of the rash.


Beeswax: leaves a protective film on the skin
Ximenia oil: nourishing, protective and film-forming, repairs the damaged and weakened skin. Very rich in insatured fatty acids
Natural bisabolol: anti-bacterial properties, protects the epidermis from external attacks
Organic sunflower oil: rich in oleic acid, nourishing and moisturising, gives suppleness to the skin
Organic olive oil: moisturising and regenerating 
Organic cocoa butter: film-forming and protective, rich in protective vitamin E
Organic apricot butter: nourishing, moisturising, fortifying, regenerative, rich in essential fatty acids
Zinc oxide: forms a protective barrier against wetness. Antiseptic and protective

Tolerance tested under pediatric and dermatologic controls.


Apply a thick layer to baby’s clean and dry bottom. 


Product effects may vary from person to person.


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