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Anti-Coronavirus Starter Kit

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The key to surviving a viral infection like the Coronavirus is having a strong immune system. 

According to the JAMA study on 138 hospitalized patients with Novel Coronvirus in Wuhan : 

symptoms included: 
fever 98.6% 
fatigue 70%
low lymphocytes (immune cells) 70% 
cough 59% 
and almost all scans showed inflammation in the lungs (a finding that is consistent with pneumonia) 

The best is prevention. But if you do get the virus you want your immune system working perfectly.   

We have created a Anti-Coronavirus Starter Kit to help your immune system stay strong and healthy. 


  • Sambu Guard 200ml [Learn More]
    - combination of herbs and vitamin C 
    - echinacea : well researched for immune boosting properties 
    - elderberry: research shows it can shorten duration and severity of flus 
    - natural vitamin C from acerola for enhanced absorption and assimilation 

    How to take : 
    1-2 tbsp mixed with water 2-3 times per day 
  • Propolis Spray 30ml [Learn More
    - includes propolis, honey and mint 
    - propolis and honey have antiviral properties 
    - soothing spray to keep throat moist 

    How to use: 
    Spray 3 squirts in mouth every few hours. Good to spray before bed time. 




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