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137 Degrees Macadamia Milk Original 180ml


  • 11% Macadamia
  • Healthy milk alternatives
  • Real whole nuts
  • Processed through 137° celsius
  • Organic coconut flower nectar
  • Gluten/ Lactose/ Dairy Free
  • No added sugar/ artificial colours or flavors/ vegetable gums or thickener
  • Suitable for vegans

137 Degrees nut milk is the most delicious nut milk you will ever taste, converting even the most hardcore dairy drinkers! It is creamy, thick and an absolute complement to anything you wish to combine it with.

No added sugar, no fillers (carrageenan), artificial flavors, preservatives, sweeteners, and it is also low in sodium. In fact, the milk is cholesterol free, dairy free, gluten free, halal certified, suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Ready to drink. Best served chilled. Suitable for everyone, including children one year and older.

per 180 ml per 100 ml
Energy 60kcal 33.3kcal
Protein 1g 0.6g
not detected
not detected
Fat, total
5g 2.8g
0.5g 0.3g
3g 1.7g
1g 0.6g
Sodium 50mg 27.8mg



  • Filtered Water, Whole Macadamia (11%), Sunflower Seeds, Calcium and Mixed Vitamins.
  • Contains: Macadamia


  • Store in a dry cool place
  • Refrigerate after opening and consume within 7 days 
  • Shake well before use

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