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Dr. Bach No.39 Pastilles Orange 45g

SKU: LP3900450



Take some time out, relax, and let go of your daily stress.

The Original N°39-Composition contains the 5 Bach flowers:

  • Star of Bethlehem (Flower of inner peace)
  • Rock Rose (Flower of inner strength)
  • Cherry Plum (Flower of relaxation)
  • Impatiens (Flower of inner calmness)
  • Clematis (Flower of alertness)

The organic pastille N°39 Emergency with dietary fibers contained in the soft pastilles consist of 100 % acacia gum (Gum Arabic). They bind the flavorings and thus produce a lasting taste experience and a slow, steady release of the essences. Gum Arabic is absorbed slowly through the digestive system and afterwards metabolized.

The certification according to ECOCERT guarantees

  • the origin of the ingredients
  • organic cultivation or
  • traditionality of the production
  • manufacturer quality


gelling agent: Gum Arabic*, sugar*, wheat glucose syrup*, concentrated lemon juice*, Nº39 Bach Flower Essences* (Star of Bethlehem*, Rock Rose*, Impatiens*, Cherry Plum*, Clematis*) 1.31 % natural orange aroma (0.99 %). *organically farmed ingredients

100 g of the product contain: energy: 807 kJ (194 kcal), fat: 0.4 g of which saturated fatty acids <0,1 g; carbohydrates 60.3 g of which sugar 28.9 g, fibre 32.1 g, protein 1 g, sodium 0.01 g. Protect from heat and moisture. Best before: see date on the side of the can.


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