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Udo's Oil + DHA 250ml

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  • Supports cognitive function and eye health*
  • Multiple award-winning blend of unrefined ‘good fats’
  • Certified organic fresh omega-3, -6, and -9 oils from flax, sesame, and sunflower seeds, coconut, evening primrose, and DHA from algae
  • 100% plant-based (vegan), non-GMO, fish-, dairy-, and gluten-free, kosher
  • Ideal ratio balance of 2:1 omega-3s to omega-6s
  • Made with sustainable ingredients, packaged in glass


Opioneering work in the field of ‘good fats’ started in the 1980s. To make this oil blend ‘with health in mind’, we designed special machinery that excludes light, oxygen, and heat, the three factors that turn healthy EFA-rich oils into unhealthy, toxic ones.(4)(5)(6) This is also why you will always find Udo’s Oil® DHA 3·6·9 Blend in a brown glass bottle, in a protective box, in the cooler of the supplement or produce section of your local whole foods market or natural food store. Instead of packaging our fresh, carefully made oils in plastic — which comes with health concerns — we chose to package Udo’s Oil® DHA 3·6·9 Blend in glass. And, because we understand the critical role a balanced ratio of omega-3s to omega-6s plays in health, we blended Udo’s Oil with a ratio of 2:1. No other company makes oils with the same level of care we do.

In addition to the Udo’s Oil® DHA 3·6·9 Blend (with unrefined DHA from algae).

Udo's DHA Vegetarian Oil Blend is an excellent vegetarian source of DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) (algae-derived). DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid that is essential for the proper functioning of our brains as adults, and for the development of our nervous system and visual abilities during the first six months of life

1 Tbsp of Udo's 3·6·9 Oil Blend® supplies

  • - 6500 mg ALA
  • - 130-325 mg DHA
  • - 325-650 mg EPA

Many popular fish oil capsules supply only 120 mg of DHA and 180 mg of EPA. Udo's 3·6·9 Oil Blend® leads the pack!
Udo recommends 1 Tbsp of Udo's 3·6·9 Oil Blend® per 50 lbs of body weight. For an average 150 lb person:

• 6500 mg ALA x 3 Tbsp = 19,500 mg ALA 390-975 mg DHA & 975-1950 mg EPA

If you start with enough ALA, the body will automatically regulate the conversion rates according to what it requires at any given time. Conversion rates depend on many dietary and genetic factors. A healthy, balanced diet will naturally optimize the conversion and your brain won't have to worry about it at all. Food then becomes less of a stressful "science" and more of an artful, enjoyable expression of living.


More health problems come from damaged oils than any other part of nutrition. Fresh oils — especially the polyunsaturated oils — are perishable, just like other healthful but perishable fresh foods. We created Udo’s Oil® DHA 3·6·9 Blend to provide a complete ‘food oil foundation’ from which to build a healthy body, giving you everything you need from good fats and oils — including the added benefit of preformed DHA — and none of the bad ones you should avoid.


Organic flaxseed oil, organic sunflower seed oil, organic sesame seed oil, organic evening primrose seed oil1, algal oil (Schizochytrium sp.2),organic coconut oil, organic rice bran oil, organic soy lecithin, rosemary extract*, high oleic sunflower oil, tocopherols*, ascorbyl palmitate*, organic oat bran oil. 
* as an antioxidant
Verified by QAI

1 provides 40 mg of GLA per tablespoon
2 provides 100 mg of DHA and 3 mg of EPA per tablespoon


  • Consume one tablespoon 1–3 times daily with meals.
  • The cloudy layer and globules in the oil are unique to this blend. Shake bottle gently before each use.
  • For optimal freshness, KEEP REFRIGERATED. Do not heat or use for frying. Once opened, consume within 8 weeks. Can be frozen to prolong shelf life.

To maximize stability, nutritional value and freshness, Flora developed its own state-of-the-art process to mechanically press seed oils in a low-heat, light-free and oxygen-free environment.This unique Flora blend also contains unrefined, algae oil extracted without hexane for its DHA and EPA content.


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