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Oat Milk x2 + Turmeric Latte Bundle

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What's better than a turmeric latte? A turmeric latte with oat milk of course!

This bundle comes with 2x Minor Figures oat milk 1L and 1x Jomeis Fine Foods Turmeric Latte 120g. With this bundle, you can make your own turmeric latte mix in a matter of minutes!

These 2 companies have done all the super complex recipe math for you to create the best oat milk and best turmeric latte powder so you can enjoy your very own amazing golden milk without breaking a sweat :)


Minor Figures Oatmilk

per 200 ml per 100 ml
 Energy 410 kj (96 Cal) 205 kj (48 Cal)
Protein 0.4 g 0.2 g
Fat, total 4.2 g 2.1 g
- saturated 0.4 g 0.2 g
Carbohydrates 19.0 g 9.5 g
- sugars 9.0 g* 4.5 g*
Sodium 104 mg 52.6 mg
Calcium 240 mg 120 mg (15% of daily reference intake for adults )

All values are average quantities.

*Contains naturally occuring sugars.

Jomeis Fine Foods Turmeric Latte

  •  Turmeric (45%), cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, coconut milk powder, Stevia


  1. 250ml oatmilk (we're using Minor Figures in this case)
  2. Bring oatmilk to a boil
  3. In the meantime, 3 teaspoons of Jomeis Fine Foods Turmeric Latte Powder
  4. Use some of the boiled oatmilk to dissolve the powder
  5. Mix in with the rest of the oatmilk
  6. Enjoy!


5 Powerful Benefits of Turmeric


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