Planty Kitchen

Planty Kitchen Riceberry Ramen 280g




  • Wheat gluten free
  • Whole grain grinding
  • Non-fried
  • Low fat
  • Refreshing and chewy taste
  • 0 cholesterol
  • 0 sugar
  • 0 sodium
  • No added chemical flavors, chemical colors, artificial preservatives, or edible salt
  • Made in Thailand

Thai Brown rice 52.8%, White rice 17.6%, Water, Riceberry 8.8%, Tapioca starch

  • After boiling 500ml of water in the pot, add 1 portion of ramen noodles (70g).
  • Stir gently until the water boils again and continue heating for another 5 minutes until there is no hard core.
  • Pick up the ramen noodles and add different seasonings according to personal preference to make soup noodles, mixed noodles, fried noodles, etc.


Planty Kitchen is a gluten-free plant-based food brand. Founded by a team with many years of experience in healthy food research and development and supply chain quality management.

Their superfoods and high quality and nutrient dense ingredients are sourced globally.Together with professional partners, they are committed to providing gluten-free condiments and staple foods that are more convenient and healthier for people who pursue clean-label diets and healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyles.

"Healing your family and yourself with natural and beautiful food" is the original intention of Planty Kitchen.

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