The Nut Case (no bake energy bar)

almond energy granola bars
photo credit Annelies Brouw

15 min prep time 

1/2 cup gluten free oats 
1/2 cup soaked dates 
1/4 cup tahini 
1 tbsp Bali Sun coconut flower nectar (optional) 
or 1/2 tsp Monk Fruit sweetener for a keto version 

Add goji, dried fruits, nuts and other super greens to make it your own :) 

1. Pulse raw almond in a food processor until broken in chunks. Set aside in a bowl. 
2. Blend dates and tahini until it forms a paste. 
3. Add remaining dry ingredients to the bowl and mix with the paste. 
4. Roll in balls or set in a baking pan to cut into bars after. 
5. Refrigerate for minimum 1 hour 

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