Surviving Covid at Home Check List

[taken from Denise’s personal post @my.1010life]

Thankfully I’m a prepper and planner - in this instance, it really comes in handy as I had most of the supplements and supplies I needed at home already. Though I’ve had some kind ones that came to drop off things - especially my eager mama who wanted to make sure I’m over-supplied haha. Bless her!

If you’re looking for a prep list here it is below - and if you’re looking for the science behind some of the supplements I mention for Covid pls check out past blog posts about NAC, quercetin, zinc, d3 pertaining to Covid specifically, with studies that are published in reputable journals, etc (the nutrient I haven’t yet released an article yet is on green tea) 

🗒️Prep Checklist

💊Supplements & Meds:

  1. NAC, vitamin D3, vitamin C, probiotics, quercetin, green tea extract, echinacea and elderberry (especially for younger children that can’t always have all of the above), zinc, 
  2. I was just introduced to 連花 which tackles it from a TCM angle but is interesting enough for further investigation also contains small amounts of quercetin and green tea
  3. Propolis spray for the throat 
  4. Oscillococcinum: homeopathic remedies for cold and flu
  5. Panadol: just in case fever or aches get too unbearable. 

🍴Healing Foods:

Though it’s hard to stock up on fresh produce it’s nice to keep some of these items below in case you or a family member is tested positive. 

  1. 🍎Apples and 陳皮 (dried orange peel): to make apple soup to soothe the throat
  2. 🥚Eggs: for a good source of complete protein as it’s needed for the immune system and also in our recovery stage. It’s also much easier to digest so if you’ve lost appetite or not having much of it it’s a better protein source than meats.
  3. 🥝Kiwi /dragon fruits: this I didn’t have at home (I normally don’t eat many fruits to be honest) but when I was sick I didn’t feel like eating much other than some fruits and kiwi and dragon fruits are lower in sugar (sugar can create extra phlegm) and high in vitamin c 
  4. 🌾Sprouted quinoa and bone broth: to make up a quick porridge. On day 2, I had some appetite and some energy to make some porridge in the evening. When you’re sick and taking care of yourself you basically need anything quick and easy to make up. I like sprouted quinoa not just for it’s activated nutrients but it’s convenience since you don’t need to soak. And bone broth is my favourite - it’s always been in my cupboard even pre-covid. 
  5. 🍵Green tea and other teas: you’ll need to drink loads of fluids daily 
  6. 🍋Lemons: alkalising and a very rich source of vitamin c if you blend the whole lemon with the rind (minus the skin) 
  7. 🧂Sea salt: to gargle and clean mouth 
  8. 🧄Garlic and onions: very rich source of quercetin and potent antibacterial properties when eaten raw- thankfully one of my favourite foods is raw onion haha 

*Friendly reminder: don’t eat the fruits cold but at room temperature also try to avoid eating them after 5 pm when the sunsets.

🧴Cleaning agents and others:

  1. Sanitizer that has at least 80% alcohol: pour some in a small bottle and when you’re throwing out the garbage (off-hours and with a mask on!) please spray any of the areas you have touched including your own door handle. 
  2. Bleach to pour down drains every few days 
  3. Paper towels: though not the most environmentally friendly (neither is bleach by the way🤦🏻‍♀️) for the days where viral load is high and especially when living with others it may be wise to use hand paper towels to dry hands rather than a cloth towel. 
  4. Plastic gloves: use when throwing out the garbage or in any incident where documents need to be passed back and forth (in my case). I used plastic gloves to sign and then disinfected the document just in case before slipping it back outside. 

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