Nutritionist's COVID Reflections

Hong Kong is in its third wave of COVID. This pandemic is persistent and presents a challenge to us all on many fronts. From parents, to front line workers, to business owners and workers, we all are affected in some way or another. The struggle and fears are real, and I don’t dismiss or diminish them in any way. 

However COVID has reminded me of important life principles that we have forgotten. And in this time of uncertainty I'd like to share them with you in hopes that it can encourage you and strengthen you as we take this journey together. 

1. We are not in control

Covid has come out of the blue (and frankly many other things that has happened in Hong Kong in the past years). Having foresight is good, as is planning and preparing. However, with the toilet paper scramble, I've noticed that we often live in a state of fear. The material things, whether it be toilet paper or hand bags or the latest phone or another flat, only superficially fills this fear. The fact of the matter is that we are not in control and in fact, we are at the mercy of many things. So as we plan and prepare for our futures be it tomorrow or 3 years from now, it is wise to also be practicing surrender and flexibility. Because we don't know what tomorrow will bring and if tomorrow throws us a curveball, then we need to be nimble enough to dodge it, hit it or catch it. 

Self Reflection: 

What is it that you are fearful of? How much does fear contribute to your decisions? 

2. We cannot do it alone (and we’re not meant to)

Though the government is encouraging social or physical distancing and though it is temporarily necessary for us to adopt these measures to help control this virus, this is against our original design, being made to be in community. If you’ve had to endure the 14 day quarantine or have been hiding out in fear, it’s not long before you realize how much you miss people. 

The way so many, young and old, businesses and government bodies, have adapted to meetings over FaceTime and Zoom is a reflection of how much we need that connection to ‘the other’. The gathering of people however goes further than just emotional support and connection.

In Hong Kong and worldwide, we have seen the importance of being united under one cause. At the core of it, whether it’s a political stance, or just supporting local businesses, we must remember that we are not alone in this world and that we need each other. So treat each other with kindness. Extend that helping hand to others in need. Love your neighbour. And restore those broken relationships that you’ve ignored. One day, you may find yourself as ‘the other’ needing support, connection or that helping hand. 

My Challenge:

Who around you needs help? Who can you extend kindness to today? Is there somebody you need to make peace with?

3. We have a responsibility to ourselves and to others. 

Masks or no masks. This has been an international debate since COVID erupted. If you’ve watched my videos you’ll know I’m on the side of masking up. It’s for the protection of myself, but also for the protection of others, because we just don’t know if we are carriers. This is just being a responsible citizen. I will leave this debate here. 

However much more than just masking up and sanitizing, we are responsible for our own general health - doctors are not. Taking charge of our health through our daily food choices and lifestyle habits is not only going to be beneficial to you, but is a service to others, particularly those who are in the front line, our doctors and nurses. Eating healthy nourishing foods, sleeping well and taking our basic immune supplements is our daily responsibility to ourselves and to others.

As the slogan goes “Together, we fight this virus”. Health, like building muscles or a desired physique doesn’t just appear overnight. We know that consistency in our daily health choices brings us health.  With COVID-19, we see that it’s many who have underlying conditions that end up losing the fight. It’s not even about age, as there are cases of elderly surviving. So take that God given responsibility to take charge of your health for yourself and for others.

Read some of my COVID health tips below.

My Challenge:

Adopt one or two habits and see the change!


There’s no escaping the effects of COVID. After COVID there will be another challenge to mankind, be it an environmental or humanitarian crisis. Whatever we face, we’ve all been blessed to be on this earth together and with this blessing, we are to dutifully be good to the earth, others and ourselves. Be the change to see the change. 

Written by: Denise Tam, Holistic Nutritionist

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