Unlikely Toxins & How Best to Detox

Interesting Facts

  • Some toxins are considered ‘safe’ but what is of concern is what the toxins create together.
  • All of us now have detectable levels of pesticides in our tissues which is stored in our body fat.
  • Pesticides stay in our bodies for 10-30 years depending on our ability to detoxify.


Whether you’re brewing it at home or getting it at Starbucks, coffee is a huge source of chemical exposure for most of us. Coffee has been found to contain high levels of BPA and is one of the most heavily sprayed crops. And if you use a single serve coffee maker, heating up the plastic pod means the leaching of hormone disrupting chemicals into your morning brew.

How To Detox:

Organic green and white tea are much healthier ways to get your caffeine fix. Or consider brewing your own in a French press or stainless steel moka pot, and drinking it from a ceramic mug or stainless steel to-go cup. When buying coffee, always choose organic.

Brown Rice & Tap Water

What do these have in common? Arsenic. Brown rice, tap water, seafood and some certain wine and seaweeds are just some sources of the arsenic that we are exposed to. While rice is one of the staples in our Asian and gluten free diet, it can also contain as much as ten times the amount of inorganic arsenic as other foods.  Arsenic is the largest environmental factor leading to cancer. 

How To Detox: 

Be extra careful when doing your grocery shopping of these foods. I would even go as far as to ask for lab reports from the manufacturers or brands if you are eating any of these foods in large or frequent amounts. Make sure your water filter can remove heavy metals and that you are boosting your body's detoxification pathways using detox aids like Flor Essence tea or important detoxification nutrients like glutathione and folate.

Fat Cells

Fat-soluble toxins such as heavy metals, pesticides, preservatives, food additives, pollutants, plastics and other environmental chemicals must become water-soluble for the body to eliminate them fully. But if our digestive and detox pathways are not functioning optimally, these toxins find their way from the liver to the blood, fat cells, and brain, where they can store for years

How To Detox:

Optimize your digestion and seal and heal your gut. The gut lining helps absorb nutritional fats and sends the toxic fats on to the liver for processing. If this detoxification pathway is not properly working, the body can store the toxic fats, rather than remove them. The next step is to strengthen your other detoxification organs: liver, spleen, kidneys, gallbladder.

Detoxification Aids

All round support for all organs, gentle and safe for long term use

Gut healing and digestion support

  • Advanced Adult Probiotics : for those constipated
  • Adult Probiotic : general bacteria recolonisation
  • Gallexier or Swedish Bitters : stimulate bile and heals gut lining Sweat it out:
  • take a bath, sauna or exercise

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