How Oat Milk Stacks Up Against Other Non-Dairy

With approximately 90% of the Chinese being lactose intolerant, and an increased preference for plant based options, oat milk is set to be the newest player in the dairy alternative world.

But how does it compare to other dairy alternatives like soy, almond and hemp

Let’s first look at, nutrition.

Nutrition Profile - Compared to Oat Milk

People preferring dairy alternatives are typically also concerned with the impact of dairy on the environment which leads us to our next comparison.

Environmental Impact

And lastly, for many, as healthy and good for the earth a food can be, it still needs to taste good and be versatile. So how does oat milk stack up against the others in terms of taste?

Taste and Versatility

In summary…

Not all ‘milks’ are created equal. It’s still important to read labels and ingredient lists. Don’t be shy to ask the barista for the box of m*lk before ordering your latte. You would be surprised at some of the added ingredients, like added sugars, gums, stabilizers and synthetic nutrients that your body cannot absorb.

Extended Reading

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Written By Denise Tam, Holistic Nutritionist 

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